As we believe in slogan “Manners Maketh Man”, we selected special accessories and put them in our collection of VIP gifts for worthy men. Here you can find handmade chess, amber chess, porcelain chess. Lovers of backgammon can choose a unique luxury gift - exclusive backgammon. Look closely at the stylish men's canes. Our premium gifts will not leave anyone indifferent!

Luxury in details

For some people it is more pleasant to present VIP gifts rather than to receive, especially, when they are purchased on this web-site. Choosing our collectible luxury gifts for men means that your presentee is an outstanding person of a noble mind and heart, who does not waste his talents on trifles and has unique hobbies and interests.

VIP gifts in our catalogue can please your old friend, colleague, senior manager or even virtual but very respectable stranger. You would never give a miss by making our goods your first choice; moreover, you may even give an impulse to its recipient to reveal the other spheres of interests and lifestyles. The following collectible gift items may be found in our catalogue:

Time matters

When it comes to the methods of metalwork and decorations while creating every piece of our collection, we prefer to combine traditions and innovations. Collectible luxury gifts from our catalogue are associated with long hours of steady and diligent work, which may totally take several weeks and even months. For this reason, we kindly ask you to consider the duration of manufacturing process in order to give the present in time. The specifications given below the photos of every item provide detailed information concerning their availability – some of premium gifts may be already in store and some of them may be out of stock, which means that they can be made for order during the given period.

Noblie catalogue
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