Noblie’s unique selection of wooden chess sets comprises a variety of thoughtfully crafted handiworks. Wooden chess sets are still the classical choice for individual games and tournaments. The intrinsic beauty of handcrafted wooden chess pieces, whether simple or a highly detailed sculpture, is a traditional element of the game that has never been improved upon.

History and manufacture process of wooden chess

The history of chess dates back over fifteen centuries: invented in India in the 6th century, chess spread quickly around the world. Luxurious sets with chess pieces executed as miniature sculptures made from expensive materials, such as rare woods, have long been known: such game sets were owned by noblemen and emphasized the status of a high-ranking person.

Noblie offers exquisite wooden chess sets that are not only handsome but also of highest quality. We employ a team of highly skilled carvers and artists who are dedicated to demonstrating the best craftsmanship in creating every single piece. We maintain ongoing quality control over the entire work process thus ensuring that every single chess set is a piece of art. Moreover, all our chess sets are highly durable: just a little care is required to preserve the splendor and elegancy of a Noblie chess set.

What makes Noblie’s wooden chess sets so distinctive

Noblie’s beautifully carved and elegantly styled wooden pieces and boards are made from fine Karelian birch. We matched each one of our set of pieces with the ideal luxury chess board to create the best possible combination.

All materials are carefully processed and used with the utmost care. On the whole, our products undergo at least six quality checks before being shipped to the customer, thus ensuring a top-notch quality level. Each of Noblie’s luxury wooden chess sets are custom-designed and hand-made. And moreover – we have plenty of these unique chess sets on our stock, and you can buy them today.

Every serious chess player and devoted collector needs to have a luxury chess set. We at Noblie welcome the presence of all chess lovers and chess collectors who now can explore the exclusivity of our high-end chess sets. Noblie’s luxury wooden chess will be a worthy exhibit in your collection or a great gift to a lover of unique souvenirs.

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