Wooden chess is the personification of hard work and true handmade by Noblie masters.

Wooden chess from Noblie

Our unique selection of wooden chess sets includes a variety of thoughtfully sourced products.

Wooden chess sets are the best choice for competition and tournaments. Our chess pieces are categorized in two ways: material and size. While it is nice to see the different wooden chess sets for sale, it is often easier to find the right set by king height - especially if you already have a chessboard in mind.

Wooden chess sets are by far the most popular type of chess set used for playing chess. The intrinsic beauty of handcrafted wooden chess pieces whether simple or a highly detailed sculpture is a traditional element of the game that has never been improved upon. Our wooden pieces and boards are made from fine Karelian birch. We matched each one of our set of pieces with the ideal luxury chess board to create the best possible combination.

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