Custom handmade knife "The Alchemist"

Item № 1389
€ 1,290 / $ 1,524


Overall length: 300 mm
Blade length: 162 mm
Blade thickness: 4 mm
Blade width: 32 mm
Coating thickness: nickel 26 µm, gold 4,5 µm
Blade Rockwell hardness 56 HRC


Custom handmade knife produced by traditional methods of metalwork and decoration: forging, etching, notching, polishing, engraving, nickel plating, gold plating, blackening, fretwork.
The blade is made of Damascus steel. Engraved and gilded alchemy symbol on one side of ricasso.
The handle is made of assembled metal and wooden parts. Brass made and gilded guard and pommel. Engraved and gilded specific for the alchemy semi-sphere solar signs. Decorative ball ending. Birch burl wooden grip.
The scabbard is entirely metal forged and rich adorned. Artistically shaped locket with a complex Illustration. Both sides depicted hexagram -the alchemical symbol of the fusion of the nature elements water and fire. A figure of the Philosopher stone situated inside the hexagram. Alchemy signs of different chemical elements are spread in each angle of the hexagram. A half of solar element, as a sign of the gold is engraved and gilded and put below. One side depiction of a bowl that symbolize the pharmacy and healing is placed in a complex figure with two up and down limiting circle shapes with downward and upward pointed arrows coming out of them. Opposite side placed composition of a skull in the center of a book representing the eternity and immortality of the knowlege with the same circle and arrow ornaments. Round stamp of crescent moon inside as the symbol of the silver placed below onboth sides.
Handmade wooden luxury box. Two pairs of demonstrative gloves in the set.
Manufacturing process: 53 days.




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