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    80 pages.
    Dear collectors and connoisseurs,
    We would like to introduce the special edition of Noblie Collectibles album.
    More than 60 exclusive pieces of art, represented in magnificent pictures, will give you the impression of real touch to our exposition.
    The album is now on sale at the price of 20 € (excluding the shipping costs to your country).
    For more detailed information, please contact us.

    Within the boundlessness of the Internet, this great and unique digital universe, you may find many knife manufacturers. Some of them stand as a single craftsman who takes an order, creates a knife and finally sends it to the customer; the others represent the handpicked team comprising a web-designer, article writer, skilled knife manufacturer and even professional photographer. So what do they have in common? There were part of them may boast its own printed catalogue with the gallery of handmade products. Nonetheless, this seemingly insignificant item is worth more than gold.


    Art knives album as the element of company’s self-presentation


    There is no need to explain the usefulness of product catalogue. Just think back to your last visit to a restaurant or a cafe. The first thing you aim to look through is its menu. Primarily, it helps you to get familiar with the prices, and, what is more important; it gives grounds for analyzing the rank and the status of the facility in question. The same thing may be applied to any business area, no matter what you sale – kitchen outfits, retro cars, domestic appliances. And even weapon, why not?


    Knife art exhibition in paper


    We pay attention to the finest details, which have a part in the creation of the entire image of a company. We appreciate the products created by our team, every knife in our catalogue, dagger, saber or dirk deserves hundreds and thousands of words to acknowledge its beauty, nobility and style. Each item of our collection stands as the separate piece of art with its own history, time and labor consuming manufacturing process, with the use of valuable materials, precious metals and gemstones.

    So let us describe our Noblie Art Knives Album in a few words:

    • special and unique edition;
    • more than 60 finely selected elements representing our special collections “Aristocrat”, “Silver Age”, “Art Knives” and “Art of engraving”;
    • fully detailed and spectacular photographs.

    And the last but not the least recommendation – if you have visited our web-site for the first time or if you have a friend who is fascinated by cold weapon, do not hesitate to order this Album as the present for yourself or as the gift for the other person, in both cases – you won’t regret it!




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