Souvenir daggers: a worthy gift

March 16, 2022

First we need to clearly define the concepts. A dagger is a white (cold) weapon up to 45 centimeters long. The dagger blade can be straight or curved. And always — sharp on both sides. The souvenir dagger does not belong to cold weapons, it can be safely purchased, transported and stored. As a rule, the hardening of the blades of such daggers does not exceed 25 HRC. Otherwise, they are completely identical to the combat ones.

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Souvenir knives and art daggers are distinguished by a rich design. In order for the gift to be truly fabulous, Noblie masters use the best manufacturing techniques. They put exquisite engravings on weapons, decorate handles and scabbards with precious metals, natural and jewelry stones. Look carefully at the souvenir dagger, the price of which includes both materials and the cost of skillful work: it is high enough if it is a real dagger, and not an imitation. However, for all their beauty, souvenir daggers have excellent balancing and a sharp blade — this is not a toy at all!

Souvenir daggers come in various configurations and types: it all depends on which country’s dagger the master wanted to reproduce. For example, most oriental daggers have a curved shape. The “Jambiya” dagger is very indicative in this regard. This is an Arab knife with a wide curved blade. It is a mandatory attribute of men’s costume in Yemen. The eastern dagger also includes “Bebut“.

There are daggers with a guard and straight blades. Basically, these are European-type weapons. Take a look, for example, at the custom dagger “The wild boar”. This is a real classic, reinterpreted and embodied by the masters of Noblie.

Souvenir Damascus daggers stand apart. The wavy pattern of the blade will tell an experienced collector a lot. For example, the fact that high-quality Damascus is forged by Noblie masters — they carefully preserved and brought back to life the secret recipes of steel that their ancestors owned.

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