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The Cost of Damascus Karambit

Written by:
Dr. Braide Honest
September 15, 2023
damascus karambit


The Damascus Karambit is a knife with two distinguishing features: the blade is made of Damascus steel, and the design has its roots from the traditional Southeast Asian Karambit knife.

Overwiev of Damascus Karambit

The Damascus Karambit knife is an enthralling blend of history and value, combining renowned Damascus steel with traditional Southeast Asian Karambit design. In this review of the price of Damascus Karambit knives, we will look at the elements that determine their pricing, the various price ranges that are available, and pertinent market trends. This steel is well-known for its strength, sharpness, and attractive appearance.

The combination of Damascus steel and the Karambit design has produced a knife that is not only functional but also historically and artistically significant. Its allure stems from the flawless blend of practicality and beauty.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Damascus Karambits

Material Quality

The material quality is the most important element affecting the price of Damascus Karambit knives. The uniqueness and historical importance of Damascus steel add to its total worth. Each blade is a piece of beauty due to the various patterns generated during the process of forging, which adds to its attractiveness. Furthermore, the standard of the steel itself, such as the amount of carbon and heat treatment, influences the performance and longevity of the knife. Because of the talent and work involved in their manufacture, more designs that are complicated frequently attract greater costs.

Brand Reputation

The brand’s reputation is also important in deciding the price of Damascus Karambit knives. Established and well-known companies with a history of manufacturing high-quality blades and beautiful craftsmanship frequently attract exorbitant rates. Buyers are confident in the knife’s performance and lifespan because of its reputation.

Lesser-known companies, on the other hand, may provide options that are more economical without sacrificing material quality. These brands might be a good option for those on a tight budget looking for a Damascus Karambit.

Customization and Design

Personalization and distinctive design aspects can have a substantial impact on the price of Damascus Karambit knives. Customization options, like, engraved grips or other decorations, increase the knife’s distinctiveness and attractiveness. Custom-made Damascus Karambit knives are sometimes more expensive owing to the additional time and work required to create a one-of-a-kind product.

The knife’s overall design complexity and workmanship additionally add to its final price. The Damascus Karambit’s value is enhanced by fine details, flawless fit and finish, and attention to aesthetics.

Damascus Karambit Price Range

Damascus Karambit knife prices can vary greatly, providing alternatives for a wide variety of budgets and tastes.

Low-End Options

For first-time customers, there are low-cost Damascus Karambit knives available. Simpler Damascus steel patterns and less elaborate designs may be seen on these blades. While they are less expensive, they may be limited in terms of quality of material and overall craftsmanship. 

Unbranded Damascus Karambit

• These knives are sometimes unbranded or manufactured by less popular manufacturers, which contributes to their more affordable range.

• The blade has a basic ladder design, which is a popular Damascus steel pattern that is nonetheless visually pleasing.

• The grip design may be simple and plain, with robust materials such as synthetic G-10 or stainless steel used.

Price Range: Approximate prices for these unbranded Damascus Karambit knives can range from $50 to $100.

Mass-Produced Damascus Karambit

• Some well-known knife manufacturers sell mass-produced Damascus Karambit knives at reasonable costs.

• The blades may have an older-fashioned raindrop or twist design, which adds to their aesthetic attractiveness.

• The handle elements are frequently simple yet durable, allowing for a firm grasp while in use.

Price Range: Damascus Karambit knives in mass production typically cost between $80 and $150.

Factory Seconds or Refurbished Knives

• Some knife makers or merchants may sell factory seconds or reconditioned Damascus Karambit knives at a discount.

• These knives may have minor aesthetic flaws or have been formerly returned and repaired to near-new condition.

• While these knives aren’t perfect, they may give you the feeling of possessing a Damascus Karambit without breaking your budget.

Price Range: Factory seconds or restored Damascus Karambit knives cost between $60 to $90.


Mid-Range Options

Mid-range Damascus Karambit knives find a good mix of quality and price, making them desirable among knife lovers and collectors. These knives have a higher degree of craftsmanship and are frequently produced by well-known brands or respected bespoke knife manufacturers.

Custom Mid-Range Damascus Karambit

• Some custom knife designers provide mid-range Damascus Karambit knives featuring features that are more sophisticated and customizations, such as distinct grip materials, bespoke engravings, or specialized blade designs based on the buyer’s tastes.

The expert craftsmanship of these bespoke knives is frequently greater to that of mass-produced choices, allowing them to differentiate themselves apart in terms of both beauty and functionality.

Price Range: Custom mid-range Damascus Karambit knives retail between $250 and $400.

Limited-Edition Damascus Karambit

• Some knife brands release limited-edition Damascus Karambit knives with peculiar aesthetic characteristics or partnerships with well-known designers on a regular basis. 

• These limited-edition knives frequently have unusual and stunning Damascus steel designs, resulting in them being collector’s items. 

• The grips may feature luxurious materials or distinct textures, which further enhance the knife’s beauty.

Price Range: Limited-edition Damascus Karambit knives normally goes for $300 and may reach up to $600 or more, based on their rarity.


 High-End Options

Premium Damascus Karambit knives are intended for choosy consumers looking for high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Damascus Karambit knives are the pinnacle of workmanship and uniqueness. Collectors, aficionados, and individuals who value the best blades with exceptional design and materials go for these knives. These knives embrace the most detailed and beautiful Damascus steel designs, as well as specific personalization. The rarity and excellent craftsmanship justify the increased selling price, which makes them sought-after items among collectors and aficionados.

Artisan Damascus Karambit

• Artisan-made high-end Damascus Karambit knives represent the ultimate level of inventiveness and workmanship, displaying the real spirit of practical artwork. 

• These knives feature complex blade designs, amazing handle concepts, and intricate carvings or inlays.

Price Range: Depending on the intricate nature of the design and the amount of skill involved, Artisan Damascus Karambit knives can range from $1000 to well over $5000.

Some Damascus Karambit Models

We’ll take a look at some special Damascus Karambit Knife models. Let’s begin this with:

Tiger’s Claw Damascus Steel Karambit

This knife piece is simply ideal for a discerning collector or skilled user, who needs a handmade karambit  knife with a unique style and design.  The Tiger Claw Damascus Steel Karambit features an ergonomic tali smooth wood handle, looking like the skin of a tiger.

Blade length: 5 inches

Blade material: Damascus steel 1095/15n20

Blade thickness: 4.5 inches

Handle length: 4.5 inches

Handle material: Tali wood

Total length: 8.5 inches.

Price: $130.00

Tigers Claw Damascus Steel Karambit


Shard Damascus Karambit Knife

This masterpiece is created using forged-welded 356 layers of 15N02 and 1095 Damascus steel. Has an inner hard core and strong edge. Its very sharp and can last really long. The blade is well balance and spins smoothly from the finger ring.

It comes in highly recommended for the Military, Camping, Fishing and Hunting. It’s a survival tool as well. This knife is a durable and highly efficient tool.

Blade length: 5 inches

Blade material: Damascus steel 15N02 and 1095

Handle length: 5 inches

Handle material: Wood

Total length: 10 inches

Price: $169.99

Shard Damascus Karambit Knife


Marker Tredns

Historical pricing trends might give insight into the elements that have impacted the cost of Damascus Karambit knives throughout time. Pricing can be affected by changes in material availability, advancements in steel-making technology, and shifts in customer demand.

Understanding the present price environment requires an examination of the market’s existing demand and supply patterns. Geopolitical variables, such as trade agreements or steel import tariffs, can also have an impact on the price of Damascus Karambit knives.

Buying Considerations

Quality vs. Price

Clients must think about their budget and strike the right equilibrium between their intended quality and price. Evaluating the compromises and considering individual tastes are critical in arriving at a wise purchase choice.

Source and Authenticity

It is important to buy from trustworthy merchants or well-known manufacturers to assure the validity and quality of the purchased knives. Verifying Damascus steel authenticity assures that clients acquire authentic blades with the distinctive qualities that Damascus steel is known for. Noblie Collectibles always have you covered with the best quality and price of Damascus knives and timely delivery.


Finally, the  Karambit knife is a perfect blend of history, beauty, and utility. Several variables impact the price of these knives, including material quality, brand repute, and modifications. Buyers may select alternatives in a variety of pricing ranges, each with its own distinct qualities and level of craftsmanship. Conducting inquiry and making sound decisions are critical to ensuring satisfaction with the acquired Damascus Karambit knife, which will become a treasured item for years to come.

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