"Timber wolf" knife

December 17, 2017

This engraved knife sold and at now is in a private collection.

Produced by traditional methods of metalwork and decoration: Forging, hand engraving, polishing and fretwork.

Blade of Bohler № 695 steel. Hand engraved head of a timber wolf on the both sides. Leaf ornaments detailed engraving   on the both sides.

Ebony handle with one finger groove and two titanium rivets. Titanium guard with hand engraved leaf decorative motifs.

Luxury black leather sheath.

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Engraved knife Engraved knife

Engraved knife Engraved knife Engraved knife

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Perhaps there is no more common object than a knife that can be found in any home.
The art of making knives is already a lot of hundreds and even thousands of years. At first, the knives were stone, then bronze and now very different metal and even ceramics are used to make knives. In hunting equipment, the knife plays a very significant role, and this is indicated by their enormous diversity.
The new exclusive series of handmade custom knives from NOBLIE Collectibles was represented for the second time in Bulgaria, during the “NATURE, HUNTING AND FISHING” exhibition in Plovdiv International fair from 29th of March to 2of April.
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