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Idaho knife laws

Idaho knife laws
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The state of Idaho maintains a relatively lenient stance when it comes to knife ownership and carrying. However, like any state, it does have laws governing the possession, sale, and transportation of knives. Below is an overview of the laws pertaining to knives in Idaho.

Types of Knives

Legal knives

In Idaho, most common types of knives are legal to own, including:

Illegal knives

There are no specific types of knives that are outright banned for ownership in Idaho. However, it’s crucial to remember that intent plays a significant role. If a knife is used in a threatening manner or to commit a crime, then it becomes illegal irrespective of its type.

Carrying Laws

Open carry

There are no specific restrictions on the open carry of knives in Idaho, irrespective of their size or type.

Concealed carry

In Idaho, most types of knives can be carried concealed. However, if a knife, regardless of its type, is concealed with the intent to harm or use unlawfully against another, it’s considered a crime.

Restricted Locations

Certain locations in Idaho restrict the possession and carrying of knives. These include:

  1. Schools or school property
  2. Courthouses
  3. Prisons or detention facilities
  4. Any other areas where weapons are prohibited by federal law

Law Enforcement or Military Exceptions

Members of law enforcement, both active and retired, as well as members of the military, may have exceptions or certain privileges when it comes to carrying knives, especially when acting in their official capacities or when required as a part of their duty.

Consequences of Law Violation

Violating Idaho’s knife laws, especially when carrying with the intent to use unlawfully against another or in restricted areas, can lead to:

  1. Misdemeanor charges, which may include fines and jail time.
  2. Felony charges, especially if the knife is used in the commission of a crime.


Idaho is generally permissive when it comes to knife laws, allowing ownership and carrying of most types of knives. However, intent is a significant factor in determining legality. It’s crucial for residents and visitors to understand these laws and adhere to them to avoid any potential legal repercussions.


Idaho State Legislature

Knife laws in Idaho (Specific Idaho statutes or codes regarding knives)

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