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Maryland knife laws

Maryland knife laws
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In Maryland, knife laws are formulated to govern the possession, use, and carrying of different types of knives. It is vital to understand these laws to avoid legal consequences. The following sections detail the types of legal and illegal knives in Maryland, the rules regarding carrying knives openly or concealed, restrictions on locations where knives can be carried, exceptions for law enforcement or military personnel, and potential consequences of violating these laws.

Types of Knives

Legal Knives

In Maryland, individuals are generally allowed to own and possess a wide variety of knives. These may include:

Illegal Knives

Certain types of knives are considered illegal to own, possess, or carry in Maryland, primarily based on their features and the intent of use. These may include:

Carrying Laws

Open Carry

Open carry of knives is generally permitted in Maryland for knives that are not classified as dangerous weapons or are not carried with the intent to harm another person. However, individual jurisdictions within Maryland might have their own regulations, which could restrict open carry further.

Concealed Carry

In Maryland, carrying a concealed dangerous weapon is generally prohibited, especially if the knife is one of the types classified as a “dangerous weapon,” or if it’s carried with the intent to injure someone. Concealed carry of ordinary pocket knives is generally permitted, as long as the blade length is within acceptable limits set by local jurisdictions.

Restricted Locations

In Maryland, several locations restrict the possession of knives, including:

  1. Schools and educational institutions
  2. Government buildings
  3. Public transportation
  4. Private properties where weapons are prohibited

Law Enforcement or Military Exceptions

Law enforcement officers and active-duty military personnel are typically exempt from many knife laws that apply to civilians. These individuals may be allowed to carry knives that would be otherwise prohibited, and they might also be exempt from restrictions on carrying knives in certain locations.

Consequences of Law Violation

Violating knife laws in Maryland can result in several legal consequences, including:

  1. Fines
  2. Imprisonment
  3. Criminal records

The exact penalties can depend on the specifics of the violation, including the type of knife involved and the circumstances of the violation.


Understanding and adhering to knife laws in Maryland is crucial to avoid legal repercussions. While certain types of knives are allowed, others are strictly prohibited. Additionally, carrying laws and restricted locations should be observed meticulously. Special provisions apply to law enforcement and military personnel, providing them with exceptions in specific circumstances. Being knowledgeable about these regulations helps in promoting safety and legality when possessing or carrying knives in Maryland.


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