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Mississippi knife laws

Mississippi knife laws
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In the state of Mississippi, various laws govern the possession, carrying, and use of knives. It is essential for individuals residing in or visiting the state to be familiar with these regulations to avoid legal complications. This document provides an overview of the knife laws in Mississippi as they pertain to different types of knives, carrying laws, restricted locations, and exceptions for law enforcement or military personnel, along with potential consequences of law violations.

Types of Knives

Legal Knives

In Mississippi, most types of knives are legal to own and possess. These include but are not limited to:

Illegal Knives

Mississippi does not expressly outlaw any specific type of knife based on its characteristics or blade length. However, individuals should always check for the most recent updates to the law.

Carrying Laws

Open Carry

Open carry of knives is generally permissible in Mississippi. There are no specific laws restricting the open carry of knives, regardless of the blade length or type.

Concealed Carry

Concealed carry laws are more lenient in Mississippi compared to other states. According to Miss. Code Ann. § 97-37-1, it is generally legal to carry concealed knives, including dirks, bowie knives, butcher knives, and switchblades.

Restricted Locations

Certain locations in Mississippi restrict the possession and carry of knives, these include:

  1. Schools and educational institutions
  2. Government buildings
  3. Prisons, jails, or other correctional facilities
  4. Any private property or business that has posted signs prohibiting weapons or knives

Law Enforcement or Military Exceptions

Law enforcement officers, as well as active-duty military personnel, are generally exempted from the state’s knife restrictions. They are allowed to carry knives, including those which may be restricted for civilian use, as a part of their official duty equipment.

Consequences of Law Violation

Violating knife laws in Mississippi can result in various penalties, ranging from fines to imprisonment. The exact consequences depend on the nature and severity of the violation. For instance, carrying a weapon onto school premises is considered a felony and can result in substantial fines and imprisonment, as per Miss. Code Ann. § 97-37-17.


In Mississippi, knife laws are generally permissive, allowing for the possession and carry of most types of knives. However, there are restrictions concerning carrying knives in certain locations. It is advisable to remain informed about the latest legal provisions and to exercise caution and responsibility when possessing and carrying knives in Mississippi.


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