What Are Custom Knives and Are They Worth It?

July 17, 2018

So, you’re in search of custom knives but you can’t figure out if you want to buy one, well, let us tell you this, custom knives give you a feeling of prestige and luxury. But that’s not all, a true knife enthusiast and collectibles fan knows the value of hand made knives or any kind of collectible for that matter. 

So, in this post, we will tell you the true definition of custom knives and if they’re worth the money or not.

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Figure Out Your Needs First

To really understand if you need a custom knife, you first need to figure out if you actually need one, are you a collectibles fan? Perhaps you’re a knife enthusiast, or you just have an expensive hobby, or maybe you just need something that’s top notch and won’t break down under any circumstances.

If you answered “Yes” to each of these questions, then my friend, you need a custom knife. Why? Because custom knives are more than just an expensive collectible, here’s why:

The Process That Goes into Making The Best Custom Knives

There are a lot of custom knife manufacturers in this world, but only the best ones know how to actually make them, Noblie.eu is a great example of that, not only do we make the best custom knives, but we also make sure that they’re unbreakable and strong to the very core. 

We use the steel of the highest quality, some of which are high carbon steel, damascus steel, and to give you guys a more affordable option, we also use stainless steel in manufacturing the knives.

But the truth is, it’s not just the quality of the steel, it’s how the knives are made that matters. We have masters of knife craft at work who make sure that each knife is perfectly forged, but that’s not all, every knife that we make has a certain uniqueness to it.

After the knife forging is complete, we use state of the art machinery and manual labor to sharpen it and hone the edge so it can cut through anything like butter.

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Types Of Custom Knives

There can be many types of custom knives, such as:

  1. Bowie Knife
  2. Scrimshaw Knives
  3. Folding Knives
  4. Hunting Knives
  5. Pocket Knives
  6. Karambit Knives

And many more. When you buy a custom knife, it can be tailored exactly to your requirements, you can let your imagination run wild and we will take care of bringing it to life.

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Why Custom Knives Are So Expensive


Specific Design Requirements 

Every customer that we get is unique so all of them have different design requirements, that’s because each knife is custom made for a specific kind of audience, sometimes that design is even hard to replicate, which is why custom knives are expensive.

Limited Edition Knives

When we create custom knives, we make sure that only a few copies of it are released. If the knife has a lot of copies, then it can’t be called a custom knife.


Manufactured By Masters of The Craft 

We have a team of professional knife manufacturing masters who have been in this profession since several years; this is part of the reason why custom knives can be so expensive, because it takes years of skill to reach to this level of knife crafting.

Handmade Knives 

Minimal amount of machinery is involved when it comes to custom knife manufacturing because there is little room for error, each knife is forged by hand and sometimes it can take several days just to perfect a single knife.

 Premium Characteristics 

Part of the reason why custom knives are expensive is because they are made with premium materials, such as Damascus steel, high carbon steel and expensive handles. They have special characteristics that cannot be found in normal knives.

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Are Custom Knives A Good Investment?

The value of a custom knife differs for each person, if you’re a collector then a custom knife will seem like a very good investment to you, on the other hand, if you’re a chef or a hunter then a custom knife will hold a different kind of value to you. But in general, custom knives are 100% worth every penny.

The biggest advantage of custom knives is that they’re not manufactured on a mass scale; they’re made by hand and premium materials, which are not just durable, but also look very luxurious.

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Conclusion: Should You Buy A Custom Knife?

If your hobby is collecting, if you’re a professional chef, or if you’re an outdoor enthusiast then we would strongly suggest that you buy a custom knife because they’re durable, they’re very sharp, and above everything else, they give you a feeling of superiority.

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