What is a lanyard?

September 4, 2022
leather knife lanyard

A lanyard is a loop attached to the handle of a knife or other tool. The accessory appeared in the XIV-XV centuries, when the complex of military equipment of professional equestrian warriors was actively formed. The lanyard was made from strips of leather, silk and woolen threads. It was fixed in a hole on the head of the hilt of the sword or tied around its handle. During the battle, the loop was worn on the wrist.

What are knife lanyards used for?

Many people do not know what a lanyard is, although they have probably seen it more than once. True knife lovers to decorate their knives often use lanyards. An accessory attached to the knife handle attracts the attention of others. It demonstrates the interests and tastes of the owner. Lanyard – a great gift for any man. Especially if it is handmade. Now lanyards most often perform a decorative function, but many hunters, tourists and outdoor enthusiasts use them for their intended purpose.

knife lanyard

Knife lanyard purpose

The lanyard performed several main functions:

  • prevent the loss of weapons in case of accidental loss from the hand;
  • help to quickly release the hand without dropping the weapon;
  • protect against injury from stabbing;
  • take on part of the load during chopping blow;
  • increase the amplitude of swing movements;
  • allow to quickly change the grip without stopping the fight;
  • help store weapons;
  • decorate pocket knives;
  • divert the enemy’s attention;
  • allow to find the lost weapon quickly (thanks to the bright coloring).

Lanyard was an indicator of status, rank and belonging to a particular military unit. They were awarded to distinguished fighters.

leather knife lanyard

How to use a knife lanyard

Today, hunters, hikers, anglers, climbers, high-altitude climbers, butchers, cavers, divers and athletes, use the accessory in the same way. They fix it on knives, axes, ice axes and other necessary tools. Thanks to the lanyard, the knife can always be at hand. You can take it out of your pocket in seconds. If necessary, the hand is released without the risk of dropping and losing the knife. Not only tools, but also other necessary things – keys, flash drives, and flashlights are decorated with lanyards. Accessories that act as key rings are made both in the form of a loop and in the form of a cord.

Paracord knife lanyard

knife lanyard paracord

If earlier the lanyard for a knife was woven mainly from leather and natural threads, today it given preference to artificial cords. The most suitable lanyard material is nylon paracord. Paracord is used in the manufacture of parachute sling. It is valued for its lightness, incredible strength (up to 240 kg without rupturing), resistance to moisture and microbial attack. A paracord lanyard can be untwisted at any time to use the cord for other purposes – hanging a bowler hat, securing a safety carabiner or equipment, tightening a limb to stop bleeding.

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Top 3 Easiest Paracord  Lanyard (video instruction)

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