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Why are handmade knives better


Advantages of handamde knives

If you want to give something that will always evokes pleasant emotions, then you should definitely pay attention to the category of handmade products. One of the best gifts in this category can be considered handmade knives, which are very popular. Original handmade knives should be given to men, because such a gift is quite brutal and will appeal to representatives of a strong part of humanity. You can give a handmade knife both on holidays and as a token of gratitude. You can find and buy such a men’s gift as a handmade knife in our NOBLIE online store, choosing the best option among the most original and interesting models.


If we talk about why an original handmade knife can be considered an excellent gift, then the following points should definitely be noted here:

– Such a gift speaks of resolve and courage;

– A handmade knife as a gift is a sign that a man is the head of the family and the breadwinner;

– Such a gift is a souvenir that will constantly remind a man of his main role.

Each handmade knife is a real work of art, the originality of which can be appreciated by every man. A handmade knife cannot be considered a banal gift, from which there is no sense, since such an original present will always remind a person that they tried to find something original for him, which means that they are appreciated and respected. A handmade knife is a good gift, from which you can also get practical benefits, so this present is becoming more and more popular. Handmade knives – something that is not ashamed to give!

What to get for someone who likes knives?

Keen collectors and ordinary users would appreciate an excellent knife. Knives are greatly multi-purpose and useful in many everyday situations like opening postal parcels, cooking, or going outdoors. In many routine tasks, knives have become indispensable and reliable tools.

If you’re looking for a present to pamper a knife lover in your life, Noblie knife store has a really huge choice of excellent knife gifts. Whether your knife lover appreciates hunting knives, handmade knives or every day carry (EDC) knives – you will find a perfect gift at Noblie.


Why are handmade knives so expensive?

The process of manufacturing exclusive products takes a lot of time and requires detailed painstaking work. In the manufacture of excellent raw materials are used. Superior quality steels are traditionally used to create the blade, such as traditional damask steel and modern powder steels. Alloys have increased strength, hardness, anti-corrosion properties. For the handles of author’s models, fangs and bones of animals, expensive types of wood, precious stones and other materials are used. In this regard, the prices for handmade knives cannot be low. In addition, the market value of elite blades will only grow over time.

Those products that were created not by one master, but by several professionals at once occupy a special place among collectors. Namely, the blacksmith is engaged in the creation of the blade, who uses steel of the highest quality and reliability for the knife. Then the inlay master creates an exclusive handle of incredible beauty. Elite bladed weapons can be crafted using bone. Then an experienced carver joins the work, who is able to create exceptional masterpieces from different types of bone. The creative approach and patient work of a team of first-class specialists cannot be cheap!

Exclusive handmade knives are created for true connoisseurs of art. The main value of handmade knives is that there are no and cannot be standards. Based on the foregoing, it can be easily argued that handmade knives are expensive knives!

handmade knives

Do handmade custom knives hold their value?

That is a good question. How can you know which knives and which knife makers will be valued in the coming decades? Collecting knives for pure monetary gain is pointless. Therefore, if you cannot value what you collect, in most cases you will make the wrong choice every time.

In most cases, the cost of custom knives changes from time to time, as do fashion fads. It can be compared to the stock market – you have to work hard to pick the winners, and even then, the market as a whole goes up and down. Even good choices are good investments that take time to mature. There is no reliable way to know which knife makers will cost several times their current value, so only passionate collectors who can appreciate what they are holding will enjoy every step of the process.

Buy what you like because you really like it. Condition is everything so buy the best you can afford.

Do you take commissions and if you’re currently taking new customers?

Yes, we are open for commissions. Surely, we do advise choosing a handmade knife from our store’s stock – it would be cheaper and swifter for the customer. Our knife store features unique custom knives produced by knifemakers throughout several years of their shop activities – which allows you to choose an exquisite knife to your liking.

Please be aware that manufacturing a knife to a customer design will take 3 to 6 months subject to project complexity. We accept commissions worth at least 2,000 US dollars, as each individual order requires involving a knife designer, introducing customer’s requests and harmonizing the custom knife sketch. Producing a unique knife as per your design allows tailoring materials for the blade and handle, adorning the knife with your initials, engrave a name or a lettering, make a scrimshaw on the knife handle, depict nearly any image or a hunting scene, a human portrait or your family crest. Normally we expect a customer to deposit an advanced payment at the rate of 50 to 70% of order price. Provided your order is really handsome and peculiar, we will examine your query.

Can I get a discount when buying a handmade knife?

The general advice is you shouldn’t bridle at a handmade knifemaker’s price. If a knife seems to be too expensive for you, it doesn’t mean the knife’s price is unfair. A skilled knifemaker is an expert craftsman that has been in the industry for years and knows the product perfectly.

A proficient knifemaker invests volumes of time, effort and skill in each handicraft and treats each product as a work of art, with attention and care hardly seen in today’s mass-production world. Consider the years of experience, training and self-study, try to account for many attempts at new designs or techniques, knifemaker’s endless practice and endeavor to perfect their art, consider the specific tools and exotic materials used – and you’ll understand why custom knives are way more expensive than ordinary mass-produced knives. Also, have in mind that a premium custom knife boasts service properties (like toughness, durability, capability to keep edge, etc.) incomparable to those of ordinary off-the-shelf knives.

Still, many knifemakers are prone to negotiating prices, and they will tell you if they are willing to make an abatement. Just show a bit of respect for their elegant work and their expertise, and you’ll do fine.

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