Wooden knife boxes

July 25, 2022

Stylish packaging of a gift knife can have no less effect than the gift itself. The original wooden boxes for knives are a vivid confirmation of this. In this category of the online store, you can choose and buy wooden boxes for knives made of solid walnut, Sapele wood or beech in various sizes and closing systems. A quality wooden knife box made from natural materials is the best place to store a solid collectible blade. 

wooden knife box of walnut wood

Collectible pieces of bladed weapons are traditionally placed in the appropriate cases or boxes. A wooden knife box is necessary not only to present gift knives, but also for its careful storage, as well as for a spectacular demonstration. 

Our company offers boxes for knives and sheaths in a wide range and in a variety of techniques. 

Wooden knife box

The design of the knife box depends on the number of objects that will be stored in it. It can be a single copy of a knife, as well as a knife with a sheath or additional accessories, or even a collection of knives. If the knife is held on a stand, then specially designed soft clamps are additionally installed in the knife box, which will securely fix such a design.

There are also cases for knives made of leather or textile materials. For dirks and daggers, we also use genuine leather cases.

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