The world's most collectible knives

November 19, 2020
1. Mass-produced collectable knives
2. Knives for survival
  • Ka-Bar
  • Tom Brown
  • Morakniv MG Carbon
  • Fallkniven F1
  • CRKT M16
  • Buck 110
  • Old timer Sharpfinger
  • Finnish Puko
  • Spyderco Paramilitary 2C81GP2
  • Chris Reeve Sebenza
3. Folding knives
  • Folding penknife Higonocami
  • Pocket knife Opinel №8
  • Victorinox
  • Leatherman Wave
4. A unique knife from the master
  • Charlie Benica
  • Michael Walker
  • Owen Wood
  • Bob Loveless
  • Noblie Knives

The most collectable knives are made by a craftsman or a well-known brand thanks to their special
qualities. Folding knives and fixed-blade knives which are mass-produced and made-to-order both
deserve a place in a collection.

Among the large choice of folding factory-made knives there are
universal options which can lie at the bottom of a woman’s handbag or the backpack of an avid
traveller. There are also survival knives and penknives, knives for fishing and mushroom picking
which can attest to their origins.

IMG 20201113 WA0013

Knives made by actual knife companies stand out thanks to their
unique features. Some companies still make their knives by hand, meaning that two knives are never
fully identical. However, even the manufacturing of a mass-produced knife can allow you to be the
owner of a unique knife.

Mass-produced collectable knives

Knives from a particular brand are to be chosen just like friends – very carefully. The purpose of a
mass-produced knife is their practical use. The category of folding knives and fixed-blade knives is
comprised of the following:

  • Folding hunting knife
  • Pocket knife
  • Universal folding knife with an additional set of useful tools – a favorite of travellers and those
    who are used to solving problems themselves
  • Fixed-blade knives for survival
  • Knives for special agents
  • Stationary folding pocket knife

Knives for survival

Knives of marines who participated in the Vietnamese war, Mexican knives, Cowboys’ knives. Many
people remember Rambo’s special knife. Some survival knives can have the same features – a
container in the handle, somewhere to hide and protect matches and tablets from getting wet and to
place fishing hooks. The handle is wrapped in cord. On the base of the knife are sharp saw-like teeth.

IMG 20201113 WA0045


A kabar knife is a professional marine knife, and a combat weapon with a telling but concerning
name – ‘to kill the bear’. The name of the brand is tied to a real-life situation when a thankful hunter
sent an emotional letter to the company. He managed to kill a bear with this knife. Thanks to the
entrepreneurial mindset of the company’s workers and the almost mystical link of the tool to survival in
difficult conditions, the knife gained its name.

The strong blade is able to withstand a large amount of pressure and can have variations in its shape.
Popular models of this knife are the Kabar Tanto Black 600 and U.S.M.C. 1217.

Tom Brown

The Tom Brown Tracker T3 has an interesting brutal blade. The micarta linen on the handle stops the
knife from slipping when held in a wet hand, and the blade can chop, cut and stab. Specialists have
said that it would be inconvenient for a trophy hunter to use this blade to skin their prize, but there are
other tools for this. A hunter’s knife and knife for survival have different purposes, but they are a
person’s best helper and are able to save lives.

Morakniv MG Carbon

The Morakniv MG Carbon is a very modern, simple and reliable Scandanavian knife for survival. It
has a rubberized plastic handle and a strong blade inside a plastic sheath. It is suitable for wearing
attached to a belt. The strength and sharpness of the blade are determined by its carbon content.
Owners of this cheap model quote the aggressive cutting of the blade and the ease with which the
knife is held in the hand.

Fallkniven F1

The Fallkniven F1 is a Scandanavian model of survival knife with a moulded rubberized handle which
was used by Swedish and American air force pilots and foot soldiers. The knife’s construction is
simplified as much as possible; there are no teeth and no hidden containers. A reliable blade and a
comfortable handle are the only features of a model that they entrust their lives to.

A hunting knife


The CRKT M16 is a folding knife from Kit Karson with an Auto Lawks safety mechanism that opens
with only one hand. The TANTO blade is made from AUS-8 steel.
A hunting knife must have features which allow it to be an extension of the owner’s arm. A
comfortable handle and solid yet flexible blade made from stainless steel allow the owner to fulfil
different actions without the risk of breaking the blade.

IMG 20201113 WA0031

Buck 110

The folding hunting knife Buck 110 is notable for its simplicity, reliability, backlock mechanism and
lifetime guarantee from the company Buck Knives. The comfortable handle is made from brass or
nickel. Its hard and sharp blade allows you to cut through bird bones, branches, sharpen a club and
skin animals.

Old Timer Sharpfinger

A light-weight hunting knife with an original shape which has become a household name and popular
thanks to its small size and reliability.

Finnish Pukko

A hunting knife with a distinct national identity which will adorn an expert’s collection. The traditional
steel blade is straight in shape, a characteristic unique to steel resistant to low temperatures. The
barrel-shaped handle is made from Karelian birch. The strong and stable blade of the knife is suitable
for any hunting task.

Spyderco Paramilitary 2C81GP2

The American pocket knife from the designer Bill Moran is classified as being for tourists and sports,
but thanks to several features can be more widely used. Thin and compact and hardly noticeable in
your pocket the knife is comfortable to hold in your hand. It is easy to open thanks to a hole in the
blade. The patented Spyderhole is also a design feature. The extended finger blade is made from
CPM S30V steel. There is also a compression lock mechanism.

Chris Reeve Sebenza

A folding knife with a framelock locking mechanism, it became a coveted collector’s model thanks to
its elegant design and high quality cutting of the blade.

IMG 20201113 WA0068

Stationary, folding penknife


A handmade Japanese knife without a lock which has an original shape and made by a company with
history. The knife of ‘the last samurai’ resembles a straight razor and has a very sharp blade. Simple
and sharp blades were so popular that even school children used them to sharpen their pencils.
Thanks to the handiwork on the knife it’s possible to see traces of forging and the value in this
penknife is that it’s impossible to find two absolutely identical Higonocami knives because the design
tells you about where the knife came from.

A beautiful pocket knife

Opinel №8

The French folding knife Opinel №8 has to take its place in any collection as an example of an
elegant pocket knife. Opinel has an impressive selection of handles and functional blades: one for
mushroom picking with a specialized curve, one for children with a rounded blade, one fish knife, one
with a whistle that is ideal for walking in the woods without the risk of getting lost. The Opinel №8
model is a classic version of the simple design with handles made from beech and a blade made from
XC90 steel. It’s not stainless steel but it is durable and retains its sharpness well. A special feature is
the vibrobloc locking mechanism, patented by Opinel. Vibrobloc safely keeps the blade in one position
both open and closed.

Universal folding knife


The universal, Swiss folding knife for any life situation with a lot of additional tools. The Victorinox
Huntsman model can provide tools both for a picnic and common household activities: it has a
corkscrew, bottle opener, screwdriver, tweezers, and a saw. A suitable knife for anyone who wants to
allow themselves maximum comfort without leaving the comfort of civilization.

Leatherman Wave

One more universal and unusual Swiss knife from the designer Tim Lazerman.
Special service knives never fail to attract the attention of a collector who focuses on the practical
purpose of a knife. Simplicity, reliability and multifunctionality are the key features of knives with a
strong character:

  • Ari B'Lilah — the model of the Israeli special forces has a sharp blade with teeth which can be
    used for any task
  • The Japanese Ebony Daggersmall from the company Hattori is small enough in size to hide
    and has a durable blade
  • Eickhorn Kampfmesser — a NATO army knife with a blade made from 440A steel which can
    chop, cut and hold the weight of a soldier if you need to use it as support
  • Toris FS Troika — this model of knife has its design based on the shape of a stiletto and is
    the favorite of many special forces
  • Emerson CQC-7 — is a folding marine knife, which can be easily opened in one movement
    whilst removing it from your pocket. This historical model is often desired by sophisticated
  • Gerber Mark II — is a killing combat knife which, for ethical reasons, is marketed more as a
    tool for survival. Its black blade with teeth is attractive not only for collectors but also for
    directors and the knife is often featured in films. The American company has existed since
    1939 and has been improving its technology and attracting collectors who prefer professional
    knives for decades.

IMG 20201113 WA0064

A unique knife from the master

A made-to-order knife will fulfill the technical desires of the client, their practical aims and will have a
unique design. The creation of some models with difficult mechanisms can take the master months.
Lives depend on the special features of knives and the skill of the craftsman. It can also take just as
long for the master to create a knife with a symbolic meaning. A custom approach to micromechanics
and knife design was shown by the masters of the folding knife. The accomplishments of these
masters allowed knives to be seen as jewelry, to give weapons a new ability. Push-button locks, and
springs allow the knife to become an extension of the owner’s hand.

If we look at the history of African knives we can find the interesting round wrist knife which can be
used both for fighting and to cut down branches. Modern masters make these knives from precious
stones. A knife with a sapphire blade doesn’t set off a metal detector. The small lipstick shaped blade,
hidden by a cap, is another custom knife variant which you can’t easily buy in a shop.
Brass knuckles, stilettos, real masterpieces of martial arts combined with artistic design can be added
to a cold weapons collection.

Charlie Bennica

The folding knives by Charlie Bennica can be recognised thanks to their use of 416 steel on the
handle which houses their legendary pommel-lock. The master inlays the precious materials into the
steel handles. The blades are made from damascus and expensive RWL 34 and ATS 34 S, D-2 steel.
Bennica creates precious artistic knives which you could easily forget are weapons if not for the
opening mechanism.

Michael Walker

Michael Walker’s folding knives can be identified by their Linner-lock mechanism, based on which the
master created over thirty variants and jewelry. In the past Walker was involved in jewelry making. His
hand is easily recognizable by the artistic drawing, despite the differences in the shape of the blade
and handle. A special feature of the locking system is the plate spring thanks to which the blade is
locked in the open or closed position but could easily be opened or closed with one hand. Walker
became the first knife master to give the folding knife new features.

Owen Wood

Owen wood creates art in the shape of folding knives, and is inspired by architecture. His custom
work attracts attention thanks to its unusual artistic drawings and architectural design elements.

Bob Loveless

Loveless is considered a trendsetter with his “supply” knives. The unusual shape of his knives were
the reason the special forces became interested in Loveless. The master created knife models for CIA
agents. Loveless was so particular about the quality of the blades’ steel and their specific purpose that
he preferred to stamp the brand name with acid rather than with stamping technology. The master
worked on the manufacture of legendary knives for sixty years.

NOBLIE knives

The company created custom art knives. The time to create them depends on the
complexity of the execution. Creating a symbolic knife can be as hard as creating a practical model for
a fighter. Artists, blacksmiths and jewelry makers work on the creation of NOBLIE knives. One feature of
NOBLIE knives is their beauty, even the simplest laconic models have an expression of individuality. Its
uniqueness is shown in the shape, the materials of the knife and the manufacturing technology, while
the master, putting his heart into his craft, gives the knife its character. NOBLIE knives have names.

You can buy custom knives here

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The most collectable knives are made by a craftsman or a well-known brand thanks to their special qualities. Folding knives and fixed-blade knives which are mass-produced and made-to-order both deserve a place in a collection.
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